Monday, August 3, 2009

Listening Again

I have made a commitment to do this once per week going forward. It seems the blog always gets put on the burner the furthest away and stays there.

We've been an online company now for about 3 months. I'm not sure what it all means yet, but it has been a very pleasant experience to date. We are learning new things almost hourly about communications. And our connection with people who listen to music avidly is like the old days, its not just about the gear, people want to talk about what they are listening to.

Speaking of which, I got to spend a couple of hours in our engineering sound room the other day listening to music played through a new Classic model we are working on. This is what I love most about this job (if you can call it that), watching a new product go from concept to reality. Nudging the voicing along for hours, then days and sometimes months, until you look at each other and nod... its ready.

We actually have several new designs in progress, and some more on the drawing board in lots of new categories. Some will make it to market, some won't. It's how it works for us, it has to not only sound good, it must also meet the application, cost and market requirements. Keep an eye out for spy photos, they will start appearing soon. The best part though? I get to listen to them all.

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Chris said...

What happened to once per week?