Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Shameless Endorsement #2

Another good friend of ours has a company called Maverick Lifestyle (www.mavericklifestyle.com). Maverick has introduced a new blue tooth headset for cell phones, called Nica. It works well and sounds great. I like this product a lot as it fits my application for such a device, which is hands-free in the car. It has a great magnetic charging device for both home and auto, it almost never loses connection with my phone. What I like most is that its an on-ear design, I can slip the small disc on when the phone rings and otherwise leave it on the dock. Simple and comfortable. Maverick has a promotion on now which gets you 40% off, here is the promo code: NICA2009.

There were mixed feelings here as I passed Nica around, some of our group liked it, some did not. Nothing to do with performance, more with functionality. This is what I love about product development. Some products are broad-based in their appeal and others are only going to appeal to a certain segment. Both can be successful, but the design needs to be intentional, its not luck. I'll write more on this subject in the coming weeks.

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