Friday, May 15, 2009

Finding Our Way Home

Its been several months since I have posted anything new.  Sorry for the silence.  There are so many rumors about NHT on the street, let me set this straight.  NHT is not bankrupt, not closing our doors, etc.  

We did however shut down our traditional sales operations.  The backend of the business including our customer support has continued on.  We needed change desperately in so many areas it was time for a reset.   In retrospect, we chose the right time to do so as the economy slowed.

We are coming back soon, with a new direction for conducting business.  We have several new and exciting products in the works too.  Stay tuned, we'll tell you more in just a few weeks.

Thanks for your patience.  Peace and prosperity to all.

1 comment:

AV Sensations said...

Chris, I notice you have NHT retailers still listed on your website. I started to becoming a dealer less than a year ago. Are you setting up any manufacturer / dealer relationships?