Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Have a Super New Year.

2012 looks to be a really interesting year. The economy is stabilizing, we get Olympic Games, a national election and the 49'ers are in the playoffs "Go Niners!", (sorry, had to say it). And the world has a new SuperPower. Nope not a country, its our latest product introduction; the 90 watt, SuperPower active mini-monitor. Its basically a consumer version of our Pro Audio M00 but its more than just a replacement, it represents a beginning... marking a major shift in our development efforts.

It's certainly no secret that wireless connectivity has changed our lives and it has created a broader range of applications for speakers. 'Wireless' protocols are popping up all over and it is unlikely there will ever be a standard or a single method. Every house and sometimes every person in the house may need a different solution. Its incumbent on us to make sure that our products can take advantage of any or all of these paths without restriction.

The SuperPower is our first salvo in offering some very useful and very high performance products that take advantage of new signal transmission technologies. Its not our intention to necessarily limit you to one type of wireless by building it in, but rather make it easy to adapt NHT speakers to what you have. Products that will allow you to move around without sacrificing the kind of sound quality folks expect from NHT.

Are we giving up on our traditional designs or the attention we have given sonics and value? No. What we are doing is expanding our "sound" and philosophy to a number of new categories that make sense for consumers today and beyond.

Be on the watch out, this is going to be fun.

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