Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Music in the air

Are you noticing all the music related coverage in the news lately?  Its everywhere.  Reports of 2 channel gear sales being up, a small, but solid resurgence of vinyl, new music sites and availability for downloads.  Wow! 

One of the predictions from last winter's CES was that once DRM went away, there would be new markets opening for music through the internet.  Markets that have appeal to lots of different tastes and lots of different grades of resolution.  It is starting already.

If you want to hear and own very high rez music, go to  HD Tracks is a new venture from Chesky Records that allows members to purchase and download music from their catalog, uncompressed, lossless and DRM free.  You also get album art and notes accompanying any download.  HD Tracks is in its early stages and will be expanding its offerings and formats in the future.  You can hear what a high quality download sounds like right now for free.  HD Tracks is offering an album, called the Ultimate Download Experience.  This offer ends on June 30, so check it out soon.

Its not the intent of my blog to promote specific companies.  However these exciting times for music enthusiasts and we need keep each other informed.  Within a day or two, our website will feature a music links tab on our home page.  As we hear about new sites, new artists and new music, we'll post them as a resource.  Feel free to let us know about your discoveries and we'll post those too.

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