Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Musicians - Now Hear This... amp

I am going to be upfront about this blog, and the next.  This is one of two shameless endorsements I am going to make on behalf of two good friends who have come up with two killer products.  The first one is the LunchBox by ZT Amplifiers.  ZT is the brainchild of my ex-partner and NHT Co-Founder, Ken Kantor.  

It is the size of the lunchbox that most of us took to school in our early years.  It plays stupid loud (130dB)  and yet when you get used to handling it, offers some wonderful nuances and tonality.  You can use it as a stage monitor, guitar amp, keyboard monitor.  Its one of those "swiss army" products that have so many uses.  If you are a musician and/or a gear head, its a must have.

Check the Lunch Box out at


HSN said...
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Anonymous said...

hey chris, the link to ZT amps is bad, you'll want to fix it. -Paul